This module has been full of many things that I will be able to incorporate into the classroom when I am a teacher. There are so many different types of technologies that are offered to assist in making the classroom a better place for all students and the way they live and learn. Bringing in computers and Ipads along with other learning technologies provides many types of way to teach students and make sure they are receiving the best and most up to date educational information they can have.

From blended classrooms to flipped classrooms there are many ways we can configure our classrooms to help students be motivated to learn. Incorporating the different types of technologies that are available make it more interesting and fun to learn. We can see the motivation is students increase when we bring these types of changes into the classroom.

An important part of education is collaboration. The relationships between the teachers in the same school system or a group of teachers all over the world is a valuable resource a teacher can have when they have questions or concerns about things within their classroom. The many ideas and information shared can help a classroom become a better learning environment for the students and teachers. There are so many things that teachers are doing that work for their classrooms that others have no idea about. Through collaboration we can see these ideas shared and used everyday.

I love technology and pretty much stay on top of they type of technologies that are available. When it comes to education there are so many ways we can use these technologies to benefit the learning process. It will be important for me to make sure that in order to make sure my students get the best out of education that I stay on top of the ever changing technologies.


Although this is the end of this mod, a new one will soon start and we will be able to add more information to our personal data banks. I am looking forward to the next steps in my educational process and look forward to the many different things I will be learning. I felt like this class was one that I really enjoyed and took a lot out of. Technology to me is such an important part of learning. It is a huge part of today and our futures. Adding technology to the classroom is an important step for students and teachers alike. It brings so much to the educational process and allows students to be more motivated and be more successful. The many ways we can bring technology into the classroom is endless. With the right type of learning style and these technologies in the classroom the educational process will become priceless.

A few things to think about when ending this class:

  1. How young were you when you first were introduced to technology?
  2. Look at your children or any children that you are around and know, how old are they and are they using technology?
  3. What do you think about children using technology today?
  4. Do you think technology is something children need to be using?



Engagement, Motivation and Technology

When I think about what motivates me, I think about where I will be in the future. The harder I work the farther closer to completing my goals I will be. My motivation comes from both being intrinsic and extrinsic. I want my family to Motivational-Quotes-for-Students-10have a comfortable life because I have been motivated. I also want to be smarter and gain more knowledge through my life. Being well rounded is something I have always wanted to be and I think being a little bit of both is a great quality to have.

What motivates you? What do think  motivates your students or the people around you? There are so many reasons why or why not we are fully engaged in something. When motivation is apparent we see how much harder we work towards our end result. For students, there are many factors for being motivated and engaged, and the first thing I think of is getting good grades and getting in a good college. The end result of all the hard work is landing a great job.

A students motivation can stem from the teacher teaching the lessons. “Teachers have a lot to do with their students’ motivational level. A student may arrive in class with a certain degree of motivation. But the teacher’s behavior and teaching style, the structure of the course, the nature of the assignments and informal interactions with students all have a large effect on student motivation.” (Kirk, K., 2015, para 1) As a teacher, we do have a major role in how our student engage in the materials we present them. We can come up with many creative ways which will help students stay motivated which will allow them to do their best.

Technology plays a role in motivation. There are many exciting apps and programs that teachers can use to switch up the normal lectures that usually happen in classrooms. I thought the video below explained the importance and need for technology in the classroom and explains how we can effectively use it in the classroom. “One of the major benefits of introducing technology into the classroom is the effect it has on the students. In traditional teaching (lecturing, working from a textbook, and taking notes, for example), it’s easy for students to fall into a passive role. Even the best students who have a natural passion for learning can have trouble paying attention to a teacher’s lecture. But when technology is invloved, students are more likely to be engaged in learning. Students need to press buttons, think out problems, and manipulate the tools they have to achieve a goal. Educational technology can improve focus among students and it caters to students who learn independently and to those who are more collaborative.” (Hendricks, D., 2013, para 4)

When technology is first integrated into a school system there are many steps to take to make sure it is effective. The link below gives a good overview of steps to take. Taking the proper steps to integrating technology is what will ensure the positive impact it will have on the entire school system.

Here are a few pros of integrating technology in the classroom:

More personalization of lesson plans

Improve focus

Boost Self Esteem

Learn skills such as typing and researching

Learning becomes more fun and interesting

Here are a few cons of integrating technology in the classroom:

Costly to the school system

Distracting to students

Could provide a disconnect between teacher and student

Constant monitoring

I personally feel that the pro’s out weight the con’s in integrating technology in the classroom. Many programs offer discounts to schools and with proper presentation to the students they can understand the importance for staying on task with their classroom technology use. I do believe that engagement and motivation becomes greater when technology is involved. Especially because we see use of technology taking over the world and it is important to keep up with what is going on outside of the classroom. This will allow our students to be successful outside of the classroom and in their future in education.

I am currently not in the classroom and do not personally know many of the obstacles that teachers face (because they are all different throughout the school systems except for the obvious). I want to know what are the types of struggles you may be facing when it comes to technology use in the classroom?

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Learning Theories

A learning theory that coincides with my personal vision for teaching and learning would be Social Learning. Social Learning is described as “not merely a classroom event. It is a process which occurs all day and every day, as it involves learning from things we see around us (Omar J., Strauch C., 2014, pg 6) I feel that this learning theory is very important in the learning process. Learning from what goes on around us what we see and how we process it is a large part of our development. An example the Critical Analysis of Learning Theories and Ideologies and Their Impact on learning article gives about Social Learning is Facebook. I know that I have learned so many things because of Facebook that I may have never even had access to otherwise. Facebook has shaped social learning in a large way. We can get information from all over the world in one place and learn so many new things from food to a look into many people’s lives. Although there is so much information it may sometimes be hard to sort through what is factual and fake. There is so much good information you can get from social media but much of it is not as useful.

BYOD and Flipped classroom I think fit into Social Learning pretty well. Bring your own Device (BYOD) is when students bring their own technology into the classroom to work on their lessons. Bringing your own devices in to the classroom allows for students to be more comfortable with their technology because they have set up to their own liking allowing them to use it with ease. Research can be done and being on a computer in the classroom allows for students to reach more research then what they may have been able to do without it. Flipped Classroom is “flipped classroom refers to a model of learning that rearranges how time is spent both in and out of class to shift the ownership of learning from the educators to the students.” (Johnson, L., Adams Becker, S., Estrada, V., and Freeman, A., 2015, pg 38) Learning takes place in the classroom and outside. In this situation I feel that Social Learning can really be a large advantage in helping students learn.

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EDU520 Week 2 Reflection Post

A little humor about kids and technology! I had a good laugh watching this!


“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick

So far, I have found this class, Digital Media and Technology, very interesting. I have come across some great and useful information to really get me thinking about digital media in our world. The TEDTalk video that we watched in unit 1 was VERY interesting to me and although I have heard things that he said about learning and technology before he presented the information in a manner that was catching and really made you think. Specifically about the different learning styles of children and how each child cannot be taught the same and expect the same outcomes.


I think that this is one big reason for me why digital technology is a very important part of the learning experience. In the video there were a few different examples of technology that were presented and one that specifically stood out to me and intrigued me was the example of the classroom that uses computers and every day the children walk in the classroom and look for their name on a computer. This computer has the specific lessons that the teacher has decided that they need to complete for the lesson. These children are evaluated by information they gave on the computer along with what their teacher had observed through the day. The teachers are able to develop a customized path for the children so they learn at their own pace. This type of technology allows children to be able to learn at their own pace and the teacher knows that they are really absorbing the information needed to go to the next level within the lesson. The article I have attached here describes why we should integrate technology into the classroom and its importance.

This is the TEDTalk video that I think all teachers or anyone in the education field needs to watch. It is a very insightful video and makes you really think about your students and how they learn.

I currently use technology 75% of my day. BYOD is something near and dear to me. I use my own devices for work and I would have it no other way. It is easier for me to work and be able to be comfortable with my own devices when doing so.  I work at a job from my home in which I am on the computer and phone to do my work. When I do have to travel I am using my laptop wherever I am to stay connected with my work and family. I am also using technology everyday because I am taking my classes online. I stay connected to my classmates along with completing my assignments via my computer and internet. Without this technology my life would be completely different. Technology is very useful and having information at my fingertips at all times allows me to be a more diversified person in many ways. I learn so many different things from something as simple as social media. Things I probably would have never known otherwise. I found this article very interesting. We can see how our lives have been affected by technology in the past 10 years. I chose this article because I came across it when my husband and I were looking to find out ways to make a will. We found out we can actually do it online! Wow, how times have changed. The convenience of having technology can be looked at in positive and negative ways, but for me it is a very positive thing and I don’t know what I would do without it. “But no matter where we go from here, it’s clear that technology is in nearly every aspect of our lives and that we’ll be more connected with it in the future. As this happens, it’s worth noting that the human experience is changing right in front of our eyes.” (Kaiser, B., 2011, para 13)

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My question to all of you, what is your take on the technology used in some classrooms today? Specifically the use of the monitoring of students on the computer which allows teachers to have students work at their own pace and direct them to the next steps they need to take to be on track?