This module has been full of many things that I will be able to incorporate into the classroom when I am a teacher. There are so many different types of technologies that are offered to assist in making the classroom a better place for all students and the way they live and learn. Bringing in computers and Ipads along with other learning technologies provides many types of way to teach students and make sure they are receiving the best and most up to date educational information they can have.

From blended classrooms to flipped classrooms there are many ways we can configure our classrooms to help students be motivated to learn. Incorporating the different types of technologies that are available make it more interesting and fun to learn. We can see the motivation is students increase when we bring these types of changes into the classroom.

An important part of education is collaboration. The relationships between the teachers in the same school system or a group of teachers all over the world is a valuable resource a teacher can have when they have questions or concerns about things within their classroom. The many ideas and information shared can help a classroom become a better learning environment for the students and teachers. There are so many things that teachers are doing that work for their classrooms that others have no idea about. Through collaboration we can see these ideas shared and used everyday.

I love technology and pretty much stay on top of they type of technologies that are available. When it comes to education there are so many ways we can use these technologies to benefit the learning process. It will be important for me to make sure that in order to make sure my students get the best out of education that I stay on top of the ever changing technologies.


Although this is the end of this mod, a new one will soon start and we will be able to add more information to our personal data banks. I am looking forward to the next steps in my educational process and look forward to the many different things I will be learning. I felt like this class was one that I really enjoyed and took a lot out of. Technology to me is such an important part of learning. It is a huge part of today and our futures. Adding technology to the classroom is an important step for students and teachers alike. It brings so much to the educational process and allows students to be more motivated and be more successful. The many ways we can bring technology into the classroom is endless. With the right type of learning style and these technologies in the classroom the educational process will become priceless.

A few things to think about when ending this class:

  1. How young were you when you first were introduced to technology?
  2. Look at your children or any children that you are around and know, how old are they and are they using technology?
  3. What do you think about children using technology today?
  4. Do you think technology is something children need to be using?



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