Educational Trends 2015

There are many educational trends developing with the ever changing world. A few of the trends that stand out for me are demographics, online learning and different classrooms styles such as flipped classroom.

Things are changing every day and our countries demographics are included. “The U.S. population has experienced remarkable growth since 1950. From a base of about 152 million Americans in 1950, an additional 156 million persons were added to the population between 1950 and 2009.” (Heisler E., Shrestha, L., 2011, pg 1) We can see so much change within our educational system that brings forward leaps and bounds for teachers. Teachers are dealing with language barriers between teacher and student along with 76754172_XSteacher and parent. Within the classroom communication is key. When students and parents are not able to properly communicate with each other the entire structure crumbles. (Photo courtesy Global Post) According to the article called Do Language barriers Affect Student Performance in School, teachers should take extra steps such as highlighting new words, providing extra projects and literature related to the new words and most importantly develop strong relationships with each child and creating a safe and respectful environment.

Another trend that is growing quickly is online learning. Online learning has been a very important trend in my own life. Without taking classes online I would not be able to complete my masters degree at this time in my life. As a busy mom with a career and family there is not enough time in the day to go to school. According to US News 6.4 million people were taking at least one online course in 2011 and from then the number of people enrolled in online classes has only increased. There are many benefits of online learning. Students can learn at their own pace, do their work anytime any place, be in the comfort of their own home, be able to be with their family along with many others. For me it is less stressful knowing I wont have hours wasted in the car everyday driving to class and I am able to work around my work and home schedule. It is important for me to finish my degree and with online learning I am able to accomplish this goal. The Wall Street Journal published an interesting video explaining 6 benefits of online learning, which is very interesting. Technology and students being able to understand the materials better are a few of the ideas that Anant Agarwal explain in his video.

Last but not least flipped classroom is an interesting concept that teachers are using to make their classroom a better place for their students. In the short video below Katie a teacher from North Carolina explains why she “flipped” her classroom.

The concept has helped many teachers reach out to all the students in their classrooms and better understand what their needs really are.

In closing, trends will come and go but the ones that I have explained here I see in the future growing to even be bigger and better. With better communication tactics I see the barrier of language issues can be less of an issue. Online learning is expected to continue to grow and with demanding lives and new technology development it will make it easier for people to take online courses. Flipped classroom is something has proven time and again it effectiveness. Teachers are “flipping” for this concept because the benefits and refreshment it has brought to their classroom.


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