The Future of Technology

Technology in the classroom is shown to be a very important step in the educational field. From the New Horizon Report (2015) there are a few technologies that I5224241439_11c4c18a59 think are important to our Future in Education. Bring Your own Device along with Personalized Learning are two that stand out to me.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a growing trend in high schools, colleges and work places around the world. There seems to be much up and down about this type of technology usage, but to me I think that the benefits can out weight the cons in this situation. The future will be changed by this type of technology along with many schools changing over to more online classes along with teachers using more online textbooks and materials. Students and employees are able to bring their own devices in which they are more acclimated and comfortable with. “For higher education institutions, often BYOD is less about them and more about the personalized content that users have loaded onto them.” (Johnson, Adams, Becker, Estrada & Freeman, 2015, pg 36,) People who use their own devices can better research information along with keep track of notes and study information better.

Although this type of technology has been in the classroom for some time now, it is an ever growing trend and we can see it more and more everywhere we go. “3 out of 4 students prefer to use tablets over text books, 2/3 students prefer their own device for learning and 37% of teachers will be using digital textbooks within 1 to 5 years.” (K-12 Blueprint, 2015) Many educational facilities along with the work place have special networking abilities to accommodate these types of situations. “Devices have become the gateways to personal working and learning environments that facilitate the exploration of new subjects at a pace that is unique to each learner.” (Johnson, Adams, Becker, Estrada & Freeman, 2015, pg 36,) With the assistance of a students or employees own device, they are able to seek for more and better ideas of the subject matter they are researching. Different programs and applications are available to better assist the researching process which makes it an invaluable tool when it comes to education.

I think that BYOD coincides with another technology which a growing trend is called Personalized Learning. Personalized Learning is a very important type of technology to have knowing that not every student learns at the same pace. BYOD and Personalized learning can fit together very well. Allowing students to use their own technology can open a gateway for them to learn at their own paces and seek out as much information they need to complete the subject matter at hand. “The goal of personalized learning is to enable students to determine the strategy and pace at which they learn.” (Johnson, Adams, Becker, Estrada & Freeman, 2015, pg 26,) Educators want to see every student succeed and do well in their educational career and implementing some type of Personalized Learning even if only a small amount can change the way students do in their studies.

In closing, with so many different technologies available, it is important to seek out technologies that will actually be beneficial to the people using it. These two types of technologies are only the beginning of things that we can see that can make a huge difference in the educational field. Not only do students benefit but educators also benefit. Thinking of the way the future is moving we need to implement these types of technologies to keep up with the pace of the educational trends we see. Technology is something ever growing and ever changing and we need to grow with it.

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2 thoughts on “The Future of Technology

  1. You hit the nail on the head when you said, “. . . it is important to seek out technologies that will actually be beneficial to the people using it.” I go in to classrooms where there is an abundance of readily available technology and too often I see it there for the sake of appearing “technologically advanced” yet the technology is not used in a way that benefits either the teacher or the student. I call that technology for technology’s sake – and the lack of appropriate use seems to be in many cases either lack of training/understanding or resistance to change!


  2. Hi Heather,

    I agree with your statement that as technology grows and changes, teachers need to grow with it. While many schools are not prepared to provide 1:1 technology to students, allowing students to bring their own devices will allow educational institutions to begin the shift to personalized learning environment, in which students can learn at their own pace. How do you see the role of the teacher shifting with the technological trends in education?


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